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Naser Bader Al-Raas is a Canadian citizen who has been arrested, tortured, and imprisoned in Bahrain. 

Naser suffers from serious heart and lung problems. He has had two open-heart surgeries and requires special medication for his condition. He needs to return to Canada for medical treatment.

Amnesty International has declared Naser to be a prisoner of conscience, and called for the government to intervene:

Join the Facebook group "Free Naser" to receive updates on his status.  

You can find articles about Naser’s plight in the Toronto Star and the Vancouver Sun.

Letter to
Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas and Consular Affairs) The Honourable Diane Ablonczy
Prime Minister of Canada The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
Undersecretary of International Affairs, Bahrain Karim Ebrahim Al-Shakar
and 4 others
Consular Directorate, Bahrain Yusuf Ahmed Abdullah
Minister of Foreign Affairs The Honourable John Baird
Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest Stephen Harper
Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada Stephen Harper
I am writing to bring your attention to a matter of great urgency. Naser Bader Al-Raas is a Canadian citizen who has been tortured and sentenced in Bahrain for exercising his right to freedom of expression.

On January 24 2012, Naser was sentenced to five years in prison for peaceful participation in a human rights rally. Due to his heart condition, this could easily be a death sentence.

You are already aware of the details of this case, and I understand that your response has been to "urge the Government of Bahrain to review the case" and to commute Naser's sentence. This response is unacceptable. Canada must publicly and unequivocally condemn Naser's conviction and his treatment. The verdict is clearly politically motivated, and the trial has not met any reasonable standard of due process. Canada must demand that all charges against him be dropped - not simply commuted.

It has been months since the Hon. Diane Ablonczy urged the Bahrainian Government to review Naser's case. The Bahrainis have ignored this plea, and sentenced Naser. The consular assistance that Ms. Ablonczy claims is happening has made no impact.

We must take a firmer stand now. It is time to bring Naser home, before it's too late!

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