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Canadian Psychiatric Association: Ban Electroshock (ECT)

Electroshock, a procedure sanitized to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) should not be considered therapy. In simple terms it is barbaric and should be banned. In February, 2011 an advisory panel to the Food and Drug Administration recommended that devices used in electroshock therapy should continue to be classified as high risk, Class III. There is little evidence exists supporting the long-term effectiveness; ECT can result in persistent or permanent memory loss; mortality rate is 79 times greater than the American Psychiatric Association presented; 43 resultant suicides were reported to the FDA. Death is listed as an adverse effect. Does that sound reasonable? (Alliance for human protection:
Literature review by Read & Bentall:
A February, 2012 research paper( asserts the frontal lobes are cut off the rest of the brain which means a lasting frontal lobotomy.
Electroconvulsive therapy: a second opinion
No more lives should be destroyed by what is called "help".

In reality it’s playing Russian roulette with the gun loaded.

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