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Canadian Pacific Railway & Parks Canada: Do more to prevent bear deaths along the CP Railway in Banff National Park

Grizzly bears are endangered in Alberta, yet they continue to die horrible deaths along the train tracks in the Canadian Rockies.
Banff National Park (Canada's first and most famous national park) is a supposed haven for wildlife, however trains continue to speed through the park daily at 90km/h or more with their carriages leaking grain everywhere. This food source draws the bears to the tracks and once pre-occupied with feeding, they have little hope of avoiding a speeding train.
Last Friday (5th of October) two yearling grizzly cubs were struck and killed by a train approximately 10km west of Banff. Apparently one was a male and the other is indistinguishable because all they found were "pieces". Banff's grizzly population has once again suffered a devastating blow.
This slaughter has been going on far too long! Let's put the pressure on Parks Canada and CPR to stop these needless deaths once and for all.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Acting superintendent of the Lake Louise-Yoho-Kootenay Field Unit for Parks Canada
    Mr Dave Cairns
  • Superintendent fof the Banff field unit for Parks Canada
    Ms Pam Veinotte
  • Minister of Parliament for the Banff-Canmore-Lake Louise riding
    Mr Blake Richards
  • Minister of the Environment
    Mr Peter Kent
  • CPR president and chief executive officer
    Mr Hunter Harrison

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