Current Iranian Canadian Board of Directors doesn't represent me

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To: Canadian Media and Politicians

We, the undersigned, are members of the Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC) or the larger Iranian-Canadian community. We hereby seek to communicate our deepest concerns regarding the appearance of board members of the Iranian Canadian Congress on various Canadian media outlets to provide commentary about Iranian politics as it relates to our community.  

The Iranian Canadian community consists of over 300,000 Canadian citizens and permanent residents with diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, holding a wide range of political views. As such, the bylaws of the ICC clearly stipulate the foundational non-partisan, non-religious and non-profit basis of the organization. The underlying spirit of the ICC is to galvanize the diverse Iranian-Canadian community in a democratic framework to represent the interests of its membership and by extension, to advocate on behalf of the Iranian-Canadian community at large. The ICC is intended to be, and founded by Iranian-Canadians, as an inclusive Canadian organization.

Unfortunately, the current Board of Directors of the ICC have failed to adhere to the bylaws and failed to maintain the foundational spirit of the ICC. There have been serious irregularities in the conduct of this board including lack of transparency and accountability and conflict of interest. In fact, for nearly two years, there has been no organized member consultation or assembly. In addition, there is currently an open court case against the sitting board of directors, which led to a court sanctioned conditional settlement in August 2019. As part of this settlement, a joint letter from the four applicants of the case and the board of directors was issued which contains a long list of misdeeds on the side of the sitting board. You can find this letter and other court documents in this link

 It is important to note that this court case is open until an AGM is held by the court-mandated monitor on May 3, 2020 and the results of the AGM and elections are approved by the court.   

It is on this basis that we vehemently declare that the current Board of Directors of the ICC do not represent the fewer than 200 members of the organization, let alone the broader Iranian-Canadian community.