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Canadian life insurance companies are restricting access to insurance that requires medical testing. Insurers refuse to accept test results for blood and urine specimens collected after March 24, 2020. These actions have severely restricted the ability of Canadians, to secure needed life, disability, and critical illness insurance to protect themselves, their businesses, and their families.

The darker side to these restrictions is that insurance companies stand to profit from refusing test results. Policy holders in Canada who bought a 10-year term policy in 2010 face the renewal of that policy in 2020. The renewal premiums in the 11th year are up to eight times higher than the original premium. The normal course of action to avoid this extreme increase in premium is for the insurance broker to shop the market and apply for new replacement coverage for the policy holder with the same or another insurer at less than half the cost. Without accepting test result, even if the policy holder is healthy, it is not possible to attain new coverage at the lower rate.

Help us send a message to insurance companies that this practice of refusing test results is not acceptable. Your voice counts.