Animal cruelty - Amend the Criminal Code

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According to Blackville NB, RCMP it was not illegal for my ex boyfriend to shoot my two dogs Bailey and Kingston. 

This man has vehemently denied shooting my two dogs, but the evidence I collected speaks for itself.

In small claims court he reiterated verbatim that “it was not illegal for him to shoot his dogs”, but he initially said he came home and found they had both been hit on our road. He said our neighbour was witness to this, which was a lie. He has created multiple scenarios of their death and sent me conflicting texts of his whereabouts when he said he was “busy destroying his dog and scraping them both off the side of the road”. He has given conflicting statements to two different police officers and friends.  

In all if this he denied me the one and only thing I asked for - which was for him to give me peace and tell me the TRUTH!

He said “they’re dead - let it go”

So I am pursuing this petition on behalf of MY dogs because THEIR LIVES MATTERED!!

I won a small claims judgement and the judge cited “the wrongful destruction of the claimants dogs”

My goal is for the “wrongful destruction” of a person’s pet(s) to become a criminal offence and included as an amendment to s.445 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

I loved my dogs and they were all I had left and he took them from me. They deserved better.. they were NOT “just dogs” not to ME and not to THEM!!! They were living, they experienced emotions just like you and me and their lives were taken from them.

Just before Parliment ended a petition by me was presented in The House of Commons by MP Mark  Gerretsen. This online petition is to extend awareness and request change to our Criminal Code on behalf on Bailey and Kingston.