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Canadian Horse owners have a democratic right to choose whether to support slaughter or keeping horses alive.

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Canada's provincial horse councils and federations support horse slaughter and eating horse meat. Many horse people who are members of these organizations in order to compete, become certified professionals, and so forth, do not agree with horse slaughter and find eating horse meat repulsive and unacceptable.

CANADIANS PLEASE SHARE AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Horse owners in Canada have a right to choose whether their membership fees to horse councils should support slaughter or should support keeping horses alive. Right now, horse councils across the country deny this fundamental right to Canadian horse owners forcing those owners fees to be towards pro-horse slaughter and pro-eating horse meat. Totally undemocratic and terribly shameful practice.

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This petition intends to change the distribution of membership dues collected by the provincial horse councils/federations so that a portion of the dues - being 25% - will be donated at the member's request upon membership sign-up or renewal to any Equine Welfare organization or horse rescue in Canada that the member chooses. Currently, the provincial horse councils / federations have have banded together into a corporation called the "Horse Welfare Alliance Of Canada (HWAC)" which campaigns for horse slaughter in Canada and the eating of horse meat.

I do not agree with and do not want to see my membership dues support the aims of HWAC as regards horse slaughter or eating horse meat. By signing this petition, I demand that my provincial horse council donates 25% of my yearly membership dues to the organization or charity/horse rescue that I choose which I believe best represents my beliefs in support of the interests of equine wellbeing and longetivity.

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