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Release Kraig Jacobson

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Kraig and Kevin Jacobson, brothers age 26 and 19, embarked on July 6 on a motorcycle adventure across North America, planning to raise money for cancer awareness, document their adventures, and just celebrate being young and free.

July 15, Kraig and Kevin crossed the US border into Canada. Kraig was carrying a firearm for protection from dangerous wildlife while camping and didn't declare it, unaware of the consequences. He was told he would be searched and immediately taken into custody.

After 18 days in jail, Kraig was released on bail but is forced to stay in Canada. The prosecution refuses to give any kind of leniency and seems to be trying to make an example of Kraig by offering no plea or suspended sentence. Kraig is being faced with a minimum 4-6 month prison sentence.

As of August 16, the crown attorney still refuses any kind of bargaining, so Kraig's trial date (not release date...his TRIAL) is set for January 24, 2013.

Not declaring a gun was a mistake, yes, and Kraig understands that. But 6 months prison? Being stuck in Ontario for 4 months WAITING to go to prison?

Obviously, Canada is trying to make a statement about Americans with guns. That's fine, but don't use someone with no criminal record (and without the finances to defend himself) as the whipping boy. Fine him? Sure. Kick him out of Canada forever? No problem. But prison? Taking away nearly a year of his life? This needs to stop now.

Because he can't legally work in Canada while he is detained we have setup an online store where you can purchase a T-shirt to help pay for his legal fees. You can find the store at

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