Freedom Tabet Tabet

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Mr Tabet Tabet a Canadian citizen with a lebanese background, expressed for years his opinion on the lebanese government's corrupted regime on social media as well as shared his dream for a future democratic Lebanon in which corruption has no place and encourages the leadership of the educated youth to rule the country. He criticized the FPM (Free Patriotic Movement) and its politicians as well as pointed out their corrupted activities. Mr Tabet got lots of threats from powerful Lebanese personals over the years including Hezbollah organization supporters and especially their first allies in the lebanese government's FPM politicians who are dominating the government by a majority. Mr Tabet was finally arrested at Beirut Airport by getting manipulated by his own lawyer, who convinced him that it was safe to visit Lebanon so he could see his family. Mr Tabet isn’t able to contact the Canadian embassy and is not allowed to make phone calls. We ask the Canadian authority to contact the Lebanese Government in order to free this exemplary Canadian citizen. Mr Tabet has never taken part in any political organisation and served for years in the Lebanese Official Army.