Face Covers required in Grocery Stores and on Transit.

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People should be required to wear face covering at least when on public transit or in grocery stores to keep the employees safe.  A face cover will decrease the chances of the person sharing any germs they may have. There are people that are spreading the virus and don't know that they have it yet because they're not showing any symptoms.  If everyone has a face covering that will decrease the chances of them passing on germs that they don't know they have yet.

These people are providing an essential service.  Our front-line workers deserve to be as safe as possible.

If our leaders do not make this a requirement I support Halifax Transit, Superstore, Sobeys, Costco and any other grocery store/transit company to require a Face Covering to be worn to enter their store/bus/train. 

It would be ideal if the government provided every person with a cloth masks. But if not there are instructions on the internet about how to make face coverings out of things like socks, old t-shirts, bandanas and other material.  It doesn't have to be an expensive Mask to prevent the droplets containing Covid-19 or any other virus from escaping.