Ensuring Airsoft remains legal in Canada

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Bill C-21 proposes to "ensure mid-velocity 'replica' firearms are prohibited" While on paper this may seem a Nobel cause, it is important to understand that this bill effectively makes it illegal to play airsoft. 

There are many Canadians who enjoy playing this sport. Airsoft may seem to be an intimidating sport to many, but the players more often than not are extremely kind, knowledgeable, and helpful to new players. This sport is not only a pastime for many, but also a foundation upon which friendships and communities are made. Airsoft offers people of almost all ages an opportunity to participate in a sport with a welcoming community, with team based attributes, participate in physical activity, all while having fun.

Furthermore, this bill will do far more than harm the players of the sport. All over Canada feilds and stores have cropped up to supply and run stores and feilds for the players to use. These feilds and stores are overwhelmingly ran by local business owners. This bill stands to destroy the businesses which these people have poured their hard work, blood, sweat and tears into. 

I urge you to sign and share this petition so that we can save this sport, keep our youth engaged and active, support local businesses, and keep airsoft alive.