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Attention Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau: END BSL BANS in Ontario & Quebec!

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Dear Prime Minster of Canada Justin Trudeau,


We the select few Canadian people who own the amazing breed of dog, known as the Pit Bull, are hereby asking you and Parliament to go over the BSL bans that are now in affect in 2 provinces of Canada. One of them, is right here in Ontario and the newest one, as of Sept 27, 2016, is in Montreal Quebec. As you may be aware, BSL bans do NOT prevent dog attacks, if anything, the rate of dog attacks, has continued even after Pit Bulls were banned. In fact, in this article Toronto’s pit bulls are almost gone. So why are there more dog bites than ever? it has been brought to our attention, that dog attacks are in fact, on the rise. They are not declining! 

These bans often kill perfectly healthy, safe, and manageable dogs. These bans even cause Pit Bull owners panic, anxiety, stress and worse, fear, as they wonder just what is going to happen to their dog or dogs. They're left begging for answers that are never forth coming and often times, are forced out of fear, to follow a law/ban that is so vague, that it leaves other dog owners fearing for their pet's life.

In this short video that was posted to Facebook END BSL! owners have expressed explicit concerns where it regards the ban in general. Questions have been asked, and these questions have not been all. In fact, in this image it shows just how...ignorant the BSL ban/law actually is. BSL Bylaw


As Canada's Prime Minster, it is not only your job, but your duty to make sure the peoples of Canada and their pets are kept safe and that any and all laws are clear and to the point and have enough studies backing them, that there would be no room for any doubt in the general public's mind as any questions raised, would and could be answered.

Today, many BSL laws are passed without so much as a 10 year study. Many studies that have been done, are so out of date, that they no longer coincide with what today's studies may find.

We the people are asking you to think of Pete, the Pit Bull puppy who played in Our Gang, the many Pit Bulls who not only became the mascot during both World Wars, but were also sent into both World Wars. We are are begging you to consider the many Pit Bulls who have saved millions of lives by being a TEDD or tactical explosive detection dog and for the millions of dogs who sit in our shelters because of their breed and because of the deeds and training's inflicted upon them by people who couldn't care less. 

We the people who protest these current and possible future BSL bans are of sound mind and understand more than most, what these dogs are capable of doing if not trained correctly. We are asking that the DEED and not the breed be banned! Force our SPCAs to crack down on Animal Cruelty cases, update the punishments given to those who break these laws, and make sure that no Pit Bull ever has to suffer because of another BSL ban! 


Just like there's bad people, there are bad dogs. But just like there's bad people, there are good people and good dogs! 




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