Animal Testing

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We hear about a product either being cruelty-free or taking part in testing their products on animals, but what exactly is animal testing? It is any sort of scientific experiment in which a living animal is involuntarily used in those trials resulting in it most likely causing them suffering, distress or lasting harm. Animals that are forced to partake in these laboratory experiments are purposefully mistreated for human benefit and generally killed at the end of the experimentation. In most cases, mutation of their bodies and the animal's death is part of the forceful procedure being administered on them (Cruelty-Free International). Animal testing is an international issue that occurs in private, governmental and educational facilities. Social injustice is happening in accordance with lab testing,  it is that these living creatures are being mistreated in a cruel manner without any remorse or care for their lives. They are being treated in an inhumane way in laboratories by being force-fed, starved, deprived of water and are even put in physical constraints for prolonged periods of time. More examples are them being used in many inhumane research that involves transplanting different parts of certain animals onto other species ( It would be completely unacceptable to treat humans the same way animals are being treated in labs. Furthermore, animal experimenters should refrain from doing it to them if we have research that suggests that we are similar to animals (Goodman et al. 568).