Abolish time and a half for repeat offenders

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On December 17.2018, Ricardo Hibi a beloved father, fiance and friend was murdered at the hands of a violent repeat offender who was recently paroled on aggravated robbery charges after only serving half of his sentence and was currently being charged with a jailhouse murder that the Parole board of Canada and Corrections Canada failed to acknowledge when releasing him on parole, despite the charges being laid out in his parole documents, amongst other prior violent criminal activity, that included an innocent man being attacked with a hatchet. 


Despite the Parole board of Canada acknowledging their negligance and opening up their own internal investigation in secrecy, the government of Canada has failed to release any information or statements regarding their blatant negligence and failure of a justice system. 

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is in a state of crisis with the current homicide rate climbing to 22 homicides in the span of 5 months this year, the offenders are violent criminals who are no stranger to the justice system. Criminals who are being released from prison before serving their full sentences. We ask that the Government of Canada and the Justice system of Manitoba begin taking ownership for the bloodshed of all the innocent people who have died at the hands of a broken and negligent system.

We are asking that the judicial system and the government of Canada reassess the law in which it allows dangerous repeat offenders to be exempt from qualifying for time and a half served of all of their future offenses, in the name of Ricardo Hibi, who lost his life due to the negligance of the Parole board of Canada.


We also ask that the Parole Board of Canada be held responsible for their lack of due diligence and allowing a dangerous and violent repeat offender from not only being released early but also over-looking the fact that he was also being indicted on charges leading to a jail house murder in which video surveillance footage found him responsible. 

We demand justice and change !