Get Esther The Wonder Pig home

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Hello everyone! As many of you know our sweet princess "Esther The Wonder Pig" is currently being treated at the Ontario Veterinary College. Her dads and all of her extended family are waiting on pins and needles for a diagnosis. As of yet there has not been one. If one is not found there her dads want to take her to Cornell University in the USA. Crossing the border would mean on her return to home she would have to spend a month in quarantine. This is just not acceptable. She is already going through so much and she is a very sensitive "little" girl. That would simply be too much for her. It would be traumatic. It would also be too much for her family. I am asking that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency waive the one month quarantine for Esther as she is not a "food product". She is a family member and a beloved symbol of light and hope. Please help us get through to them just how much her dads and her millions of loved ones around the world need her to get the treatment she needs and to get home as soon as possible and with as little stress as possible. Thank you