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Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA): CFIA - Allow The 6 Puppies You Have Placed on Death Row in Calgary to Stay in Canada!

A week ago six starving puppies were strays, living on the streets of a village north of Puerto Vallerta and in danger of being culled. A group of British Columbians had the best intentions in mind when they attempted to bring them back to Canada, to what they thought would be safety...but now the six young ‘refugees’ are on death row in Calgary. Due to paperwork issues the dogs are being detained by Canadian Border Services (CBS) in Calgary.  The new Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) rules identify rescue dogs as commercial property so the puppies were initially ordered out of Canada within 72 hours, but now they’ve been given a 30-day reprieve. After that time expires, the puppies would have to be sent back to Mexico, where they’d be killed or if they stayed, they’d be euthanized.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has been unable to explain exactly why the dogs were detained.

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