Canadian Federal Government: Give More Support to Canadian Airlines and their Employees

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For the last year, I have had an Instagram account dedicated to my love of Air Canada and I have gotten to know hundreds of amazing Air Canada employees. But now, many of the employees I know and 20,000 others at Air Canada are being laid-off due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the world begins to reopen and as restrictions loosen, airlines are in need of the Federal Government’s help. With flight routes limited, fleets grounded and demand at an all time low, Canadian airlines are suffering and on the verge of going under. 

From the start of the pandemic until now, the Canadian Federal Government has been tightlipped about helping Canadian Airlines through this pandemic. According to CBC News, Air Canada alone has had to cut its workforce by at least half, laying-off 20,000 of their employees. The airline is only is only currently flying at about 5 percent of their capacity, and the airline is also losing $22 million a day. And this is just one airline. There are so many more Canadian Airlines suffering and in need of more support.

Support for our Canadian airlines has been limited. The Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy is not enough to keep our planes in the sky. More must be done by the Federal Government to protect the airline industry and their employees. Air travel is an essential service, and I am calling on the federal government to give more support to the Canadian Airlines in order for them to survive this pandemic.

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