Dear Canada: Let's Reunite & Relocate Families That Are Being Torn Apart.

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As you are most likely already aware, migrant children are being torn apart from their parents as a cruel deterrent and punishment for seeking asylum in the USA. Credible, mainstream news sources have verified the frightening implementation of child prison camps, alongside the unaccounted well-being of infants and girls specifically.

Canada has always been a leader of peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts, and I believe that it is our moral duty to reunite and relocate these families on Canadian soil. By signing this petition, you are telling the Canadian Government to get involved, find a solution to relocate these migrants, and "relieve" the United States of their perceived burden. Across ten provinces and three territories, we definitely have room to absorb and protect these families. It is our moral obligation to act, as thousands of children are currently living in prison-camp conditions without their parents. It is a life of fear and uncertainty. 

I was born and raised in Canada, the child of two immigrant parents, and I have come to understand this as a nation of problem-solvers. I would also be hard pressed to believe that the average Canadian citizen does not have room in their hearts and minds to see this crisis resolved.

I urge my fellow citizens to sign this petition, and if you feel so compelled, to write your MP as well. We are caring. We work hard. We get things done. Let's not remain complicit in this humanitarian crisis.