Let's end long-term drinking water advisories on first nation reserves across Canada.

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We, the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to finally eliminate all drinking water advisories on public systems on Canadian reserves by March 2021. 
Canada has 634 First Nations Reserves. Two thirds of them lack access to safe drinking water. The Canadian government has placed water advisories on many of their drinking water supplies.  
Prime Minister Trudeau promised to eliminate the 58 long-term water advisories by March 2021 and to clean up their water.
By excluding “short-term” and “medium-term” drinking advisories the Prime  Minister has easily left out over 42 additional reserves - as many as 250, 000 people. 
We therefore urge Prime Minister Trudeau to:
a) ensure that he keeps his promise and lifts all remaining water advisories for all 58 “long-term” Reserves by March 2021
b) drop all dishonest labelling and expand his promise to provide safe drinking water by March 2021 to all Indigneous people in Canada -- whether they live under a “short-term”, “medium-term” or “long-term” water advisory.