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Canadian Eskimo Dog FCI Registration

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The Canadian Eskimo Dog is one of the oldest breeds of Arctic Canine. Serving the explorers of the frozen north for decades, the soul of the Inuit peoples community allowing them to live and hunt one of the most isolated landscapes on the planet and surviving several declines in numbers due to disease, control and lack of use as technology replaced the traditional ways of the north. The breed has been struggling and continuing through these tough times and many people all over the world have played a part in reintroduction, breeding plans and preservation. They have become slowly stronger in number over recent years but we face a battle to reinstate the Canadian Eskimo Dog with the Federation Cynologique Internationale after the breed number 211 was removed. Please support our petition for the CKC and the FCI to relist our breed. We have fought the working sled dog organisations to list us and allow us all we need now is for the FCI to put us back on the map and those dogs in France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Norway and more can stand forward and attend shows, races and events to show how wonderful our breed really is and how we should be protecting one of the only 4 remaining indigenous breeds of the North and one of the 5 true primitive sled dog spitz breeds left on earth. Including these dogs and allowing FCI registration will strengthen the future of the breed.

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