Those being effected by the NSLSC transferring student loans to TriCara Canada.

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In 2018 the Canadian government transferred student loans to a third party (Tri-cura Canada) acting on behalf of the National Student Loan Service Center.

In my experience since this change, I have had nothing but issues. I have never missed a payment and when I needed payment assistance I applied and always received it up until this change to Tri-cura Canada.

The Canadian Government along with the Education Minister should never have allowed this change without some sort of public consultations.

Tri-cura Canada is a collection agency where their main objective is to collect money without consideration of anyone's personal circumstances. In my experience with this organization I have been forced to make payments while being laid off and on Employment Insurance which would never have happened under the NSLSC causing a lot of financial stress along with personal stress that can lead to a number of physical aliments.

If you or a loved one have had to deal with Tri-cura Canada and have had any issues sign the petition to be submitted to the Education Minister of Canada to show them how this change has effected so many of us who were trying to better ourselves by returning to school and getting an education but now, are being financially and emotionally effected by this change.