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UPDATE (January 10): There are wide reports that the ice has broken enough for the orcas to swim to safe waters. I'm keeping this petition open until we hear for certain from the DFO or another reputable source that the orcas have been spotted in safety and there is no further need for the government to help out.

January 9

Right at this very second there are reportedly about a dozen killer whales trapped in ice near Inukjuak here in northern Quebec, Canada.

Animals in the wild are constantly adapting to the world which we are impacting -- please give back to these wonderful wild animals by making an ice breaker ship available immediately to get them out of there and into safe water where they won't drown!

Inukjuak Mayor Peter Inukpuk said "I am sure an icebreaker could come up and open a route for them." He needs the resources from the Canadian government to save the animals lives.

Please sign to help them before it's too late and ask the Canadian DFO and Prime Minister Harper to take immediate action.

Letter to
Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Prime Minister Harper
Please save the orcas near Inukjuak

We urge you to immediately make resources available including an ice breaking ship to make sure these wild orcas do not die.

When times are diffcult, we must come together to support those in need whether they are our fellow humans or animals who need our help.

Please help these killer whales immediately!

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