Put HEALTHCARE on the Canadian election debate agenda!

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The Schroeder Policy Group was created to take a critical look at our society and recommend real policy solutions that will change the lives of Canadians. A major gap found is within Healthcare - important to all of us, yet in this election, our politicians are not paying enough attention to the issue.

Sadly, the Debates Commission is doing the same, because they have not included Healthcare as a theme in the upcoming leaders’ debate on October 7. This is despite the fact that it’s the number one issue of concern to Canadians and 67% of us say a party’s plan to improve access to primary healthcare will be a deciding factor in our vote.

The Institute will be presenting this petition to the Debates Commission to put Healthcare on the agenda and ask questions to hold our leaders to account. Please sign and make sure we get the answers we deserve.

For more information on our initiatives, please visit schroederpolicygroup.org.