Ombudsman 4 Cnd. Immigration DESPERATELY NEEDED * Cnd. Citizens treated like dirt

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This is not about refugees. This is not about taking jobs Canadians want. From the response I have go over the last four years Canadians do not want private full time support worker jobs for seniors with disabilities, especially weekend work/public holidays.  If they do work for any agency they do not want to give up any benefits.  Most of these workers are from outside of Canada. With the huge aging population the need  for good private support workers  is huge compared to what is available in Mississauga.

As entertainers we have bookings up to New Year's Eve 2019. I don't have one consistent suitable full time support worker to help me. I do not want to have to keep giving my jobs away!

I need my MP  to ask Immigration to reconsidered this work permit in hopes that it will be treated fairly.

I need anyone in the Canadian government to work with Immigration to help me get this urgent work permit  reconsidered and approved before all three of us end up on the health care system ! I need help getting my petition heard in parliament for an ombudsman for Immigration so other Canadian employers/temporary foreign workers do not go through this nightmare.

 I run our children's entertainment company and I am the care giver for my:

  • mum with  disabilities (living with us)
  • husband with disabilities 
  • brother -brain injury (Mind Forward Brain Injury Services)

I was born in Canada 65 years ago. My mum was born in Canada and my husband has been a Canadian citizen for more than 40 years.

  I hired support workers through an agency to have a 3 day vacation. My break from care giving cost over $2,000.00 !! for around the clock support workers for my mum. I had so many emergency phone calls because of her anxiety not having one consistent familiar  support worker that I came home early. 

We are caught between the cracks of the Ontario LMIA/Temporary Foreign Work Program and Immigration working against them while our Canadian family suffers  having  an urgent, desperate  need, now since 2015!   Immigration is crippling our business, given us beyond huge stress and treated all of us so unfairly. I want time to advertise and hire more Canadian entertainers.

I have been writing for help from my MP, other MP’s, the Minister of Immigration, the Minister of Seniors, the standing committee for Immigration, Human Rights etc.  up to Justin Trudeau’s office from Dec. 2015 when the work permit for a home care worker was active to present and it appears Immigration at the Canadian Embassy in Havana is not accountable to anyone for their errors, wrong information, twisted opinions not even based on Canadian values, discrimination and emotional abuse to Canadian citizens and Cubans.

Everyone  is horrified at how we all have been treated - public/ government except immigration, they just send out the standard letter that they treat each visa fairly. 

I have been helped by Canadian government below in hopes that on a second work permit we would be treated fairly. The approved LMIA of 2015 was reinstated in Oct. 2018 and should be grandfathered into the new Home Care Rules.

  • director of the Temporary Foreign Work Program
  • LMIA policy makers
  • the Ontario supervisor at the LMIA processing centre
  • my MPP's office
  • another MP outside of Streetsville/MIssissauga where I live

 Doug Ford's office forwarded my request for help  to the Minister of Health for the second time only to be told to do more paperwork filling in a complaint form about the one hour LHIN service we had.  We need the one good consistent, familiar support worker we found suitable to our whole family for 30 hours a week, not 14 hours a week (max) from  the LHIN which is so inefficient I had to cancel them due to more  huge stress!

 LHIN already knows the agency for support workers in Mississuaga  has difficulty meeting the needs of their clients, as stated an known by all-Doctors, nurses, government offices....the need is greater than what they can provide. 

 Immigration holds "familiar" against us. My mum is medicated for anxiety. Our doctor states we need one consistent, familiar support worker. The hospital letter from the doctor states the same.  Having a familiar  support worker is MEDICALLY  NECESSARY.  Finding the right match for our whole family is beyond difficult.

After huge stress, and money the only two reasons the officer in Mexico City {July 2019} could find to refuse the TFW were two "personal opinions" from   the  previous officer's in Havana, when her personal opinions were wrong. Proof with genuine documents. 

I should not have to pay $55,000.00 for the best immigration lawyer in Toronto that Ottawa government officials recommended to fight it's own  Canadian Immigration's unfair system that has:

  • emotional abused my Canadian family and the temporary foreign worker (TFW)-told MP's office he  passed his interview and rejected TFW 2 days later. Only excuse from MP's office  -perhaps they did not know what "passed" meant! No criminal record
  • used discrimination against Canada law-gender for job for the beyond urgent need of the most suitable home care worker I have found for our urgent Canadian family need
  • didn't compare THE TFW'S qualifications to the approved job contract/job ad in Canada/approved  LMIA duties for job code but compared qualifications to other Cubans !
  • 2016 false accusations
  • inapproiate questioning  of TFW- about our personal life/finances
  • accused me of running another business under Honey Homecare as the Mississauga tax office made the error of telling me I had to have a company name to hire a home support worker.
  • discrimination by profession-put us through repeated "paperwork hell" because we have a clown entertainment company (31 years) when our finances were already approved in Canada by the ESDC. (finances approved twice now) 
  •  visa office closed in Havana so officer in Mexico City went by personal opinions from the 1st officer/1st work permit, no interview

As a Canadian born business owner of 31 years I should not be treated like a piece of dirt at the Canadian Embassy in Havana because I was so shocked at the accusations, discrimination and wrong information that I politely questioned how this insanity could actually be happening at a Canadian Embassy. The only way I could even talk to the officer was by writing my request on an e-mail from Justin Trudeau's office saying they were looking into the matter  and I handed it to the security guard at the gate.

Gagan Sikand's -MP's office informed us the TFW passed his interview in 2016.Two days later on a Sunday (no criminal record or changes) the rejection letter arrived, devastating my Canadian family, especially my mum and the TFW.

This emotional abuse should never have happened and there has been no explanation for it except perhaps "they used the wrong word, perhaps they didn't know what passed meant" We will never forget the pain this caused my Canadian family, especially my mum and it devastated the TFW. 

The Canadian Immigration has put our Canadian family and the Cuban worker through living hell yet I spoke to man the other day of a different culture that got a home care worker (sister in law) in Canada in 5 months with NO INTERVIEW to be his home care worker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Cuban has to travel by bus 10 hours, arriving in the middle of the night in Havana and has to pay for an over night stay. The process has to be repeated for the medical where others can request a dr. close to home if far away from home. Then to travel outside Cuba for biometrics because the visa office was closed was a huge expense.

We paid $1,000.00 for the Labour Market Impact Assessment and advertised the job for a home care worker  for my mum on Service Canada and other websites for 5 months. The best applicant interviewed didn't speak english well enough to be understood. Yes I have to keep each resume etc. as proof this is the truth. (Now I have repeated the 54 pages of beyond time consuming questions and our finances have yet again, been approved by Canadian government.

Under the home care program we agreed to provide a room, food, pay medium wage and treat the home care worker with respect. The government would get more tax money. I could give jobs to more Canadian entertainers.

Now, Oct. 2019 I have ads up at PSW schools, churches etc. I don't have time for this especially when I have already done  more than enough advertising  and found the best match for our family already.  Workers I have hired have turned out to not be a match for my mum, find jobs in other fields, decide this is not the type of work they want, unreliable....on and on..

 I am a burnt out care giver classed as "crisis" by Ontario's LHIN  and need the help  now. It has been four years already that I have urgently needed help! I am exhausted. 

I do not want "assisted living"for my mum.  My friend just went through a court case where her mother strangled to death in the SunRise Assisting Living in Mississauga because the bed rail was not put on properly and nobody noticed. The staff went to "SunRise University " 3 days training !!

Long term care has long waiting lists and the support ratio to patients is not good. Because of my mum's anxiety doctors recommend home care for her well being to keep her happy and independent surrounded by family is the best option. We can do this if we have the one consistent familiar worker that matches our unique, urgent situation. Government claim this is what they want  instead of  overburdening the health care system in Ontario. My mum loves her  daily family outings/being part of the community where she has lived for 20 years. 

With this excellent support worker/home care worker who was recommended by a doctor in Cuba my mum can feel good about her independence. It is beyond difficult to find a good support worker that is good for my mum with her anxiety and need for independence. I would do all personal care while the support worker does my  household duties.

The Temporary Foreign Worker has:

  • More qualifications - more home care support experience than the approved LMIA job-caring for  senior with cerebral palsy for years 
  •   For more than 5 years the Temporary Foreign Worker has also supported my mum on yearly vacations in Cuba.
  • My husband with disabilities benefits from the TFW's help on vacations in Cuba also. 
  •  Submitted a reference from another senior/tourist  client.
  •  Translated spanish /english for us when my mum ended up in hospital one time in Cuba

    The TFW desperately needs to make money to repair the roof on his cement house so the rain does not come in and bars on the window for safety. He wants to update the washroom to make it easier for his (now) 75 year old uncle with cerebral palsy.

The TFW going back to Cuba has the option of support work with his license from the Cuban government and computer work that he is trained for and has experience in 2017    He wants to start a small business supporting senior tourists which there is a need for in Holguin/ surrounding  beach area. He wants to improve his english even more and learn more about Canadian culture to do a website to attract senior tourists when they are booking their vacations to Cuba. 

We are not the TFW's  family. His family is in Cuba. HIs large extended family is # 1 to him.

The TFW has supported my mum and husband on yearly vacations to Cuba. His sense of humour wins my  mum over to keep her safe and happy. He jokes with all of us  all the time  as we do being a clown company. I believe because of this there was a lack of communication which the officer formed her own personal opinions.  

I am persistent because of the inhumane treatment of my Canadian family, the urgent need for my family- the need for one good , consistent, familiar worker that matches my whole Canadian family, the need to have a worker we can afford.  My husband and I have been together on every trip to Cuba. We have been married over 30 years. We have an established Canadian family that loves to travel to Cuba often because we love the sun and the price is right. We have a working relationship with the TFW.

Yes, I am exhausted. Yes I cry . Yes every day I wonder how I will get through the day with my care giving  responsibilities, household jobs and running our business.

I urgently need this good, one consistent support worker to help me at home where my mum feels safe, loved and comfortable and to help with my husband.

I don't want to have to give away my jobs to other entertainers. I want time to advertise more, hire more Canadian entertainers and entertain more myself.   

I pray someone in our Canadian government will do the right thing and work with Immigraition  and help my family .