Ombudsman 4 Cnd. Immigration DESPERATELY NEEDED * Cnd. Citizens treated like dirt

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I have been writing for help from my MP, other MP’s, the Minister of Immigration, the Minister of Seniors, the standing committee for Immigration, Human Rights etc.  up to Justin Trudeau’s office from Dec. 2015 when the work permit for a home care worker was active to present and it appears Immigration at the Canadian Embassy in Havana is not accountable to anyone for their errors, wrong information, twisted opinions not even based on Canadian values, discrimination and emotional abuse to Canadian citizens and Cubans.

I should not have to pay $55,000.00 for the best immigration lawyer in Toronto that Ottawa government officials recommend to fight the Canadian Immigration's flawed system that has emotional abused my Canadian family and the Cuban worker, used discrimination against Canada law, didn't use the LMIA job code 4412 or approved job contract duties and qualifications by the Canadian government or the LMIA approved job contract to compare qualification with the worker. Instead the officer compared the TFW's qualifications with other Cubans! The worker now has solid documents proving the accusations  were not true.. As a Canadian employer/citizen I should not be treated like a piece of dirt at the Canadian Embassy in Havana because I questioned the above in a polite manner.

As the care giver for my 89 year old mum with disabilities, my husband with disabilities,  and I am the main caregiver for a brother with a brain injury I can't believe Canadian Immigration can be so inhumane, cruel, behave so shamefully allowing the Canadian Embassy in Havana to 1) use discrimination by gender for the beyond urgent need of the most suitable home care worker I have found for our urgent Canadian family need , 2) use discrimination against us as employers because we have run a clown entertainment company for 31 years thus our finances have now have been approved twice by government in Canada and picked over at the Canadian Embassy in Havana, 3) allow the officer's personal opinions to rule when she is not even comparing qualifications against the Labour Market Approved job contract/ad or even the Labour Market home care worker code 4412 duties.4)  The officer made false accusation against us as employers and the the worker which we now have solid documents proving the accusations were false. The corruption is shocking.

The Canadian Immigration has put our Canadian family and the Cuban worker through living hell yet I spoke to man the other day of a different culture that got a home care worker (sister in law) in Canada in 5 months with NO INTERVIEW to be his home care worker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Cuban has to travel by bus 10 hours, arriving in the middle of the night in Havana and has to pay for an over night stay. The process has to be repeated for the medical where others can request a dr. close to home if far away from home.

This is not about refugees. This is not about taking Canadian jobs. Help stop the emotional abuse and discrimination to Canadian citizens and Cubans at the Canadian Embassy in Havana. 

We paid $1,000.00 for the Labour Market Impact Assessment and advertised the job for a home care worker  for  our 89 year old mum on Service Canada and other websites for 5 months. The best applicant interviewed didn't speak english well enough to be understood. Yes I have to keep each resume etc. as proof this is the truth. (Now I have repeated the 54 pages of beyond time consuming questions and our finances have yet again, been approved by Canadian government. 

The  home care workers via the Canadian government do not have to have a police check, do not have to have experience, do not even have to speak english !! when I have 2 seniors hard of hearing.  I do not want a variety  of workers that are not aloud to move anything to clean, are not sensitive to an independent senior's needs.

I do not want "assisted living." My friend just went through a court case where her mother strangled to death in the SunRise Assisting Living in Mississauga because the bed rail was not put on properly and nobody noticed. The staff went to "SunRise University " 3 days training !!

With this excellent support worker/home care worker who was recommended by a doctor in Cuba I can keep my mum 2 blocks away and let her keep her independence while he can support my husband's needs  thus freeing us extra time fo me to help my brother who has an acquired brain injury. 

 Under the home care program we agreed to provide a room, food, pay medium wage and treat the home care worker with respect. The government would get more tax money. I could give jobs to more Canadian entertainers.

Change is needed so each work permit, visitor visa, student visa are really treated objectively and in a fair manner as the immigration claim they do.

Canadian values and the ten commandments are indeed needed at the Canadian Embassy in Havana and an Ombudswoman/Ombudsman over the Canadian Embassy in Havana is DESPERATELY NEEDED as this is NO WAY TO TREAT ANY HUMAN BEINGS !

If rules are not working they need to be changed. Someone in Canadian government needs to be a REAL CANADIAN and act NOW and get an Ombudsman for Immigration at the Canadian Embassy in Havana.  The Canadian Embassy in Havana is known as "The House of Pain."

 As a Canadian employer I was witness to how Canadian citizens and Cubans are treated. I am so disgusted with the Canadian Embassy's unbelievable inhumane tactics, discrimination and negative opinions that are not even applicable because the system is so broken causing so emotional pain to anyone that has to deal with the abuse they dish out.

  Canadian Immigration is crippling our small business  by  not allowing the most suitable home care worker that has proven excellence skills supporting our family with extreme needs. 

The Canadian government sends generic letters "we know you must be disappointed and  it's unfortunate.” The whole process has  been flawed with government errors costing us more money than necessary, more time and huge stress which is the last thing I need as a beyond overwhelmed caregiver. The LMIA/temporary foreign work program does not work hand in hand with the immigration. The Canadian Immigration works against the Temporary Foreign Work Program.  "Opinions" given by the officer at the Canadian Embassy in Havana don't even apply to the approved LMiA job ad or Canadian code 4412 job duties of a home care worker !

 Canadian Immigration in Havana used discrimination by gender for the job, (against the law in Canada) and discrimination by profession of the employer. Through another MP's office it was discovered that the Canadian Embassy in Havana did not compare the Cuban's qualifications with the approved Labour Impact Assessment job as a home care worker. His qualifications were compared to other Cubans !

The Temporary Foreign Worker had more qualifications and more home care experience caring for a senior with cerebral palsy  than the approved LMIA  job ad required.  For more than 5 years the Temporary Foreign Worker has also supported my now 89 year old mother on yearly vacations in Cuba. This year he was a rock to our family when my mother got pneumonia in Cuba supporting her and translating with his good english in the resort clinic, the ambulance, the hospital, getting her food etc. My mother said "we don't know what we would have done without him." Our family witnessed his excellent care and suitable personality to fit into our Canadian family when help is urgently needed.

I am a Canadian citizen of 64 years born in Canada and a Canadian business owner of 31 years, my mother was born in Canada 89 years ago. My husband has been a Canadian citizen for 40 years.

   As a Canadian citizen I was shocked that” I was treated like a criminal at the Canadian Embassy in Havana” even although I was being polite and calm trying to get help as to why this insanity was happening.*those are exactly the same words "I was treated like a criminal" other Canadians have used also, complaining to a provincial member of parliament as to how they were treated when requesting help for a lost Canadian resident card so you can imagine how Cubans are treated !

Our MP's office informed us:

The Temporary Foreign Worker passed his interview and no further documents were required

My  (now) 89 year old mother was so happy that finally she would get a good, suitable home care worker. I was over joyed that some of the burden of taking care of my mother would be taken off my hands and I would have more time to take care of my brother who has an acquired brain injury and run our business as my husband has a hearing and memory problem.

Two days later on a Sunday (no criminal record or changes) the rejection letter arrived, devastating the Cuban temporary foreign worker and my Canadian family, especially my mother.

This emotional abuse should never have happened and there has been no explanation for it except perhaps "they used the wrong word." We will NEVER FORGET THE PAIN THIS CAUSED MY FAMILY, ESPECIALLY MY MOTHER. WE WILL NEVER FORGET THE DEVASTATION THIS CAUSED THE TEMPORARY FOREIGN WORKER and that is why I am making the Canadian public aware and won't stop until there is justice.

Because we work as children's entertainers running a clown entertainment agency the officer used discrimination by profession against us.
-all our financial documents were not believed when OUR FINANCES WERE ALREADY INSPECTED AND APPROVED IN CANADA BY THE ESDC CANADIAN GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT. After that she said our financial paperwork was outdated and stressed us out even more requiring more documents, that were not necessary. *NOW OUR FINANCES HAVE BEEN APPROVED FOR THE 2ND TIME BY CANADIAN GOVERNMENT IN CANADA.

The temporary foreign worker, Braulio desperately needs to make money to repair the roof on his cement house so the rain does not come in and bars on the window for safety. He wants to update the washroom to make it easier for his (now) 75 year old uncle with cerebral palsy. 

The Temporary Foreign Work Program/Labour Market Impact Assessment process need to work with the Canadian Immigration. One hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing.

The officer told me to my face she had concerns about the home care worker working for a female senior in her residence. This discrimination by gender for a job is agaisnt Canadia law! There are other male support workers working for female seniors in my mum's senor building. Letter from a pharmacist who lives next door to worker agreed to care for his uncle while the temporary foreign worker would be in Canada. She has provided care before.

Over 49 categories were passed on the work permit generic rejection letter.

Rejection of Work Permit Excuses on The Canadian Embassy's generic Form
"never travelled outside the country before.”

-most places a Cuban can go without a visa have a high crime rate, war, major health issues or are too expensive. This is discrimination. 
A home care worker comes to Canada will be paid a medium wage, thus no money issue.
Home care program the Labour Market Impact Assessment rules require:
-the Canadian employer provide free rent and free food
-pay medium wages, not minimum
-with no rent to pay, no food cost to pay, and making a medium wage it is ridiculous
The Canadian government advertised on t.v. an African man on tv. saying how low the wages were in Africa and how much he likes living in Canada yet Cubans are judged by their economy.

"Purpose of Visit"
Make money to
-repair roof to stop rain coming in Uncle’s bedroom, other rooms on his cement house, put bars on windows for safety, put a shower in for 70 year old uncle with cerebral palsy. Improve his moderate english and gain more Canadian experience working with Canadian seniors. The plan on return to Cuba is to start a business supporting senior tourists and get more education. Education in Canada for international students is way too expensive.

"Economy in Cuba"
This is discrimination.
The money is desperately needed to have his cement house safe in Cuba for his 71 year old uncle with cerebral palsy and himself.
Braulio and his uncle own their cement house. Homes are passed down in the family in Cuba. His one other Uncle has signed off the house ownership. The uncle living with him has no kids. Braulio  has most things young men at his age need. He simply wants to work and make money to repair his house to make it safe.

Canadian government advertised on tv around Canada Day how an African man loved Canada as his wages were so low in Africa.

“Family Ties”

-After being left as an orphan at age 11, Braulio reconnected with his father at age 18.-Dad has 9 siblings thus a huge family connection which Braulio visits often for meals, family celebrations etc.
-The Doctor's family that he lived with while getting his grade 12 have a strong connection with Braulio.
-He feels obligated to care for his uncle as his Uncle supported him growing up. His uncle has threatened suicide at home if someone tries to put him in a senior's home. Braulio does not want this to happen thus wants to make his house safe and care for his uncle.
-My brother, my nephew and ten of my friends vacationing in Cuba have witnessed Braulio's strong connection to his family and his excellent support to my mother.
Braulio  loves his climate, loves his culture, loves the cement house he owns with the same luxuries most people his age have here. He loves his huge family he has connected with at age 18, and doesn’t want to lose more precious time away from his family but it is necessary for him to repair his house to make it safe. He now has a license from the Cuban government to be a support worker to seniors with disabilities and wants to improve his english and knowledge of Canadian culture to expand his business and get more work from Canadian seniors on vacation so he will make a decent wage when he returns to Cuba. 

Now May 2019 and the 2nd work permit has been on line to the Canadian Embassy for 9 weeks. The previous officer hs left the Canadian Embassy in Havana. My family, friends, clients and Canadian government workers at all levels hope the officer now will have some compassion, humanity and realize this worker would be a win/win for everyone, including the Canadian goernment. With all the documentation proving accustations against us as Canadian employers and against the Cuban TFW surely it proves how unfairly we were all treated. 

Now that the Cuban has been asked for biometrics (finger prints, eye photos they expect Cubans to fly to another island for that because the visa office closed in Havana yet the Canadian Embassy is open.  One Cuban travelled by horse and buggy/hitch hiking to get to Havana with his son to find he had no  notificaton his appointment was cancelled. This is beyond cruel. Come on Canadian Governemnt this is no way to treat people!!

July 2019 MP office outside my postal code confirmed the TFW biometircs were approved. Two days later my immigraiton consultant phoned.. he was rejected again with only the perosnal comment of an officer in Mexico City "he may not return to Cuba."  They didn't interview him.

Words fail me when the TFW is the perfect match for our family, skills far superior to an support worker we have experienced,has experienced, license from Cuban goverment to support seniors with disabilities, owns house with uncle, has plan for small business working with senior toursts in Cuba, no criminal record, on and on..

My MPP supports me, another MP outside my postal code supports me, the Director of the TFW has supported me, Policy Maker in the LMIA support me, Ontairo Director -Processing Centre LMIA supports me, all government contacted and public are horrifed at how my Canadain family have been treated and the Cuban TFW.

One officer plays God. This is so wrong.








The broken Canadian Immigration system needs to be fixed. Stop discrimination against Cubans.