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Please visit our Go Fund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/savechristianaduna

Our friend Christian Aduna has been living in Toronto, Canada since he has been 12 years old.  He has unfortunately been given a removal order by Immigration services. He is set to be deported this upcoming Monday March 25th 2019.

Christian came to Canada with his family in 2006 at the age of 12. In 2009 Christian and his family’s Refugee Claim was denied. Although his mother wanted the best for him she did not create a legal and successful path for her son by deciding to stay with him with here illegally. Christian was still a minor at the time and did not fully comprehend the future consequences these actions would have.

During this time Christian also came out as being gay. He was not accepted by any of his family members. His mother decided to leave in 2012 and Christian refused to go with her. They parted ways and he has not spoken to her since. Christian has no family or friend ties in Mexico and if he is deported on Monday he will be getting off a plane with nowhere to go in a country he knows nothing about.  

Christian's life has not been easy, having had to provide for himself at such a young age. But he still always found time to help people and formed powerful friendships with countless individuals. He has strong ties to our LGBTQ community here in Toronto and has helped the younger population by speaking to them about his personal struggles with coming out. 

Christian was originally detained by immigration in October 2018 and a $17,000 bond was put down to get him out of the Rexdale Detention Holding Centre. When released last October 2018 he was extremely traumatized for quite some time and he was stuck with many legal fees.

On March 18th 2019 immigration detained him once again when he went in for his Monthly Check- ins. They detained him because he had not submitted any applications for his immigration process. This had occurred due to his financial situation as he was unable to work as part of his release conditions.

A group of his close friends have started this Go Fund Me page in order to help Christian with his legal fees so he can have adequate representation. This money will be going towards paying his lawyer fees for court appearances, emergency counsel and legal advice. As well it will pay the lawyer to help Christian fill out the Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds application form and submission. 

If the worst case scenario arises that Christian is deported on Monday March 25th, 2019, any remaining money from the fund will go towards helping Christian start up and stabilize himself in Mexico once he lands. It will go towards him finding an apartment that he can rent and for everyday needs such as food, water and clothing. If you wish to be re-compensated for any money already donated we fully understand and you will get completely reimbursed.

Any donation will be greatly appreciated. We thank everyone for their great contributions to this fight!

Update as of Monday March 25th 2019: Thank you all for your kind words and support. Despite all of our efforts, Christian was deported to Mexico this morning at 8:30am. At this point his lawyer has begun the paperwork for his Humanitarian application and is just awaiting payment to file. 

We continue to ask for support throughout this process. Our hope is that through the Humanitarian application Christian can return back to Canada as soon as possible. Please continue to share our Go Fund Me and petition page so that we can get Christian back home.