Pass more laws against animal abuse

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  • Animals face abuse daily and there is no one there to defend them. Animals are so innocent and they don’t deserve some of the things they go through. They are not something that you can do whatever you want to do with like dog fights, giving them tattoos or piercings, throwing them out on the streets or torturing for your own sick pleasure. There is animal violence everywhere and it is often ignored, the laws in place right now in Canada can be fines up to $130000 and possibly 2 years in jail and if its a second offence or more then the fines can be up to $500000. This may sound fair but you have to understand that animals can feel pain just like we can. When they get abused even in the slightest, it brings them endless amounts of pain, they have no idea what they did wrong, they spend the majority of their lives trying to please humans and make them happy. It is the heartless and cruel people in this world that let another living, breathing creature suffer in the ways that these animals do. Please help them by getting Canada's attention to try to prevent violence against animals. To give them larger fines and longer jail times because at the end of the day, these animals need help and justice for what they have been through or what they are going through right now. Thank you for signing to get help these animals need, have a great day.