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We ask the Government of Canada to withdraw its support for Gabriel Resources' Rosia Montana gold mine project in Romania, a massive open pit cyanide based mining project that will displace thousands. If we are successful with this petition, it will translate into loss of legitimacy and credibility for this destructive project and contribute towards local Romanian officials decision making and their withholding the approval for the project. 

Letter to
Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest Stephen Harper
Government of Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada Stephen Harper
We, the undersigned, draw the attention of the Government of Canada to the Rosia Montana gold mine project in Romania, proposed by the Canadian junior mining company Gabriel Resources Ltd. We are deeply disturbed by Canadian Government’s support of this project, which has grave environmental, juridical and economic flaws.

The proposed mining site is located in Rosia Montana, Romania’s oldest documented settlement, a densely populated area with a rich history of more than 2000 years. Its Roman ruins are proposed as UNESCO heritage site, a recognition that would give a significant boost to existing tourism in the area. According to the project’s description, the Canadian company would use 13,000 tons of cyanide per year (13 times the amount used by all European Union countries combined) in the leaching of ores and leave behind a lake containing 215 million cubic meters of water contaminated with cyanide-derived toxic chemicals. The valley where the tailings dam would be located contains documented surface faults. Further, the region in question has an earthquake profile that makes this project a very risky choice geographically for the unprecedented amount of cyanide intended to be used and toxic waste to be stored in the open. The project also involves blasting away four mountaintops and relocating hundreds of people many of whom are not willing to leave their homes and land. All of the above facts have been minimized and in some cases fraudulently omitted in the company's documentation for environmental permits and public advertising, in a blatant attempt to manipulate authorities and the public.

Via its embassy representatives the Canadian government has been supporting this project for many years, a fact proudly boasted by Gabriel Resources Ltd in public communications. Canadian embassy officials have been actively lobbying for the Rosia Montana Project and facilitated meetings with Romanian parliament representatives towards obtaining the necessary permits for project implementation from public officials, indirectly providing Gabriel Resources Ltd with legitimacy and credibility.

By supporting Gabriel Resources Ltd in the Rosia Montana mining project, the Canadian government is ignoring the serious concerns raised by independent risk assessment agencies and the Romanian public regarding the irreversible destruction of natural habitats, poor and questionable environmental assessments but also the forced displacement of local population, as well as high-level accusations of fraud and misrepresentation on the part of the company.

Therefore, we are respectfully calling upon the Government of Canada to withdraw its support for Gabriel Resources' Rosia Montana gold mine project in Romania.

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