To change the law for those who STEAL family pets.

To change the law for those who STEAL family pets.

December 6, 2019
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The Honourable David Lametti (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada) and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Charmaine Lawson

Chico’s bill

July 2019, our family dog Chico was stolen from Canim Lake, BC.

My father got Chico as a puppy. Chico started as a companion for my mother but grew into something more unique. February 2019, my older sister passed away, and my nephew came to live with my parents. Chico became his savor. My nephew wouldn't sleep without Chico by his side. Chico is a member of our family.  He is dearly missed everyday.

When I started my search for Chico, I found so many lost, missing, stolen Facebook groups.  After a month, I noticed a trend. Criminals who stole pets, don’t get the justice they deserve if any. Our Family Pets are also treated as “property” under the criminal code.  The judgment lies on how much you paid for your animal.

The current criminal code in Canada. 

s.322 Theft under $5000.  The words to describe your family pet is: animate or inanimate.  A dog is considered animate personal property.  

s.334 is the punishment section for theft. The decision is left up to the judge. 

The punishment for stealing our family pet is not enough.  It does nothing to stop criminals from taking our family pets to sell, to breed, or to put into dog fighting rings.

The criminal code needs to be changed on a Provincial level as well as a Federal level.   Canadians need to be the voice for their family pets.  

I would like to see mandatory jail time no less then 5 years, increase in fines, a criminal record which states theft of animal not property, a life time ban from owning or having an animal in their care, and a mandatory animal offenders list which is made public.

If you have a family pet, love animals, had a pet stolen.  Please sign.

The Canadian Attorney General needs to know that Canadians want to change the law to better protect our family members.

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Signatures: 12,044Next Goal: 15,000
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