Canadian supermarkets should set a specific time for elderly to go grocery shopping.

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Food stores in Ireland will be opening their stores for elderly between 8-9 am. I believe grocery stores in Canada should also set aside a specific time of the day for elderly in the morning. This specific time should be respected by the general population and help the elderly grocery shop in clean and less crowded stores. People who are over 70 years old get disproportionately affected by Covid-19 and grocery shopping in crowded stores increases their chances of infection. We should be trying our best to protect our neighbours and community. Let’s help them out as they need us the most right now. This is the time for us to help each other out instead of blaming each other and hoarding the limited resources. We are living in the times of fear and it’s important to invest in our health and help others. Help us with reaching out to your friends and asking them to sign this petition so that we can all help the elderly population across Canada.