Commemorate George Leslie Mackay on a Canadian stamp

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On March 9, 1872 Canada first set foot in Asia, in the person of Rev. George Leslie Mackay (1844-1901), a man who founded the first Canadian overseas mission and is now a ntional hero in Taiwan.

“Mackay of Formosa” was the most famous missionary of his generation, noted for his unusual yet successful methods. He established the first hospital, first modern school, first school for women, and first museum in Taiwan. He is remembered there in school textbooks, on a 2001 stamp, in statues, a museum, commemorative days, and Mackay Memorial Hospital.

In Taiwan he married a Chinese woman, Tiun Chhang-mia (Minnie). She became the head of the Girl’s School, and worked as his partner and leader of the church. She is today recognized in Taiwan’s feminist history as Taiwan’s first woman to “stand up”.

In Canada Mackay vigorously opposed the head tax on Chinese. He advocated open immigration and argued that Canada needed people from all cultures to build the country. He is the forgotten pioneer of Canadian anti-racism and multiculturalism.

It is a surprise to people from Taiwan to learn that Mackay is unknown in Canada today. Commemorating him on a stamp for the 150th anniversary of Canada’s engagement in Asia would be a small step to reviving this forgotten history. If you support the Canadian values of equality, empowerment of women, and fair immigration policies, values this noble man brought to Asia in 1872, please sign and share this petition.