Canada: Protect Our Waters and Join the UN’s Battle Against Ocean Plastic

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Did you know that scientists have estimated more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic, weighing 250,000 million tons, currently pollute the world’s oceans?  These plastics are more than just an eyesore - they are highly destructive to marine animals and flora and fauna, and they’ve begun to enter our food chain. 

Plastics contain the ability to absorb chemicals from the environments around them. When plastics are ingested by animals like small birds and fish, they also pose a large risk to humans as these toxins bioaccumulate their way up the food chain.

Kids growing up in countries like Canada and the United States are taught not to litter and that people should treat the environment with respect. But keeping our oceans plastic-free is not just the public’s responsibility. Corporations who rely on plastic containers to sell their products have a very important role to play, as do governments and the international community.

It’s time for Canada to take the next step against plastic waste by joining the United Nations' battle against ocean plastic, launched in March 2017. Sign this petition to urge Canada to help lead the way.

The UN campaign calls on countries to:

  •  Pass Plastic Reduction Policies – Plastic bags, microbeads, disposable plastics
  •  Target Industry to minimize plastic packaging and redesign products
  •  Encourage and call on consumers to alter throw-away habits
  •  This campaign aims to achieve massive reductions by the year 2022

Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister McKenna, will you put Canada at the forefront of this crucial plan to clean up our oceans? Ten countries have already answered the call. 

The good news is Canada is already part way there.  In 2015 the Canadian government announced they would ban the use of plastic microbeads in beauty products. But it took years of sustained public pressure and the hard work of activists across the country to get the government to take action on microbeads, including the tens of thousands of people who signed the first petition I ever started, calling for a ban on microbeads. That’s why I’ve started this new petition - we can make an impact and eliminate ocean plastics if we work together.

Please sign my petition and join our movement! #NoMorePlasticWaste

Learn more about the UN’s War on Ocean Plastic.