Dependent visa / Visitor visa / Visa-on-arrival for Canadian Citizen's spouse

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Canadian Permanent Residents and Citizens are facing a huge problem after wedding in terms of sponsoring their spouses that live aboard. The time frame is for the approval process is long (sometimes more than 1 year even though the website says 12 months) and this is really effecting the initial bonding of couples. 

In some countries, it is looked down upon by the society if the wedded girl stays with parents after marriage. They have to face lot of unwanted questions from neighbors, relatives and even strangers sometimes. On the other hand its very disappointing for Canadian residents to tell all friends and family that they are unable to introduce their spouse for a very very long time. 

Almost every other country is recognizing marriage as the most sacred event in a person's life and providing dependent visa on arrival after wedding or with-in few weeks of wedding, but in Canada they say they want to only permit the "right" people, background check etc. However, the immigration office is not realizing the amount of emotional trauma couples have to face, not being able to celebrate the first Christmas, first new years, first anniversary, let alone the specific country's and religious festivals, and so list goes on; some couples are also expecting a baby and living alone by themselves while their better half is stuck abroad waiting for a visa. Visitor visa is being rejected in the mean time during the process of sponsorship.

Canada is land of immigrants and claims to promote multi-cultural-ism and that family reunion is an integral part of immigration office. Canada is very generous to provide a home for many refugees on the spot; however, the immigration office and the government is not realizing that the existing residents and citizens are suffering a lot right after marriage. This is worst possible way to start a new life right after wedding.   

In the spirit of Family Unification promoted by the Liberal Government, we the undersigned do herby request a review of current policies affecting those couples separated whilst seeking to applying for permanent residence for their spouse in Canada. The current system of immigration does not guarantee the spouse or immediate family entry into Canada during the processing of permanent residence, due to the technicalities that are involved in the processing of TRV's The nature of a TRV is such that if there is intent to remain in Canada long term, the TRV is generally denied. As a PR candidate, being in Canada with your spouse on a TRV, is in fact contrary to the intended purpose.

We would suggest that, in light of the process and difficulty in achieving a TRV in most circumstances, IRCC develop a class of visa specifically for spousal/family sponsorship that would permit the entry of the sponsored party during the process after an initial security and medical check, including, but not limited to, limitations of stay and benefits, financial agreements and bonds and pre-signed departure orders (should the application be rejected), hence alleviating the unwarranted stress the current process places on the applicant and sponsor, enhancing the Family Unification program whilst maintaining the integrity of the immigration system.

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