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Make Canada Goose Stop the Cruelty and Use Faux Fur and Filling for all Products

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Canada Goose is a Canadian company that exploits animals for fashion.
They stated that they decided to use real coyote fur and in order to do that, they must trap and kill one.
Coyotes that are trapped are terrified and cannot move. They are stuck there with the only 3 options of:
biting off their limb(s),
bleeding, freezing, or starving to death,
or waiting to be "dispatched" by a trapper who will kill them as soon as they get to them.
Each of these options leads to pain and suffering and eventually, death.
"Beautiful animals and ugly people wear fur."
**See just what coyotes go through so humans can wear THEIR fur.


This company needs to be stopped. There are alternatives to fur. They do not need to kill an innocent animal so people can wear their death on their bodies.

**This company is also twice as cruel because not only do they use real coyote fur for the trims, but they also fill their coats with down (feathers from geese, ducks. birds.). Let's put an end to the cruelty and exploitation of these animals by getting Canada Goose to stop using real fur and real down for their clothing.

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