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Allow Public Documentation of Your Fur Processes, from "Trap to Trim"

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Dear Mr. Reiss,

We are writing with concern over your use of real fur trim on your Canada Goose garments.

Each year in Canada, over 100,000 coyotes are trapped and killed in cruel leg-hold, Conibear and snare traps. In agony and confusion, animals often break teeth and bones trying to escape.

Across Canada, trap check times vary from once every 20 hours to once every 14 days, but such laws are largely unenforceable. An animal who does not die quickly is faced with unrelenting pain and a panic-filled wait, until they are clubbed to death, shot or strangled.

We were troubled to watch your Canada Goose, Inc. Fur Policy video because it did not feature any animals, particularly any trapped animals. Your written fur policy on states that “The fur that we do use is acquired in the most humane ways and we adhere to the guidelines of the Fur Council of Canada that governs fur use in our country” and that “In stating our views and practices, we hope to promote the kind of transparency and context that will inform a reasoned discussion”.

We hereby urge you to be truly transparent and allow a third party to document your fur manufacturing process from trap to trim. This documentation will be made public and will not be subject to editing by Canada Goose, but will be endorsed by you as a true representation of your practices.

We hope sincerely that you will be eager to work with us so that we can show Canadians where fur comes from, thereby empowering them to make informed purchases.

This letter is signed by supporters of this endeavor and of the compassionate treatment of our wildlife.


Chris Michael Burns

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