Put an end to Using Animal Fur for Canada Goose Jackets

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THOUSANDS of coyotes and geese are brutally murdered every year for their fur and down to be used in Canada Goose jackets.

Coyotes are trapped and left to die a slow and painful death. Mother coyotes have been known to chew off their own leg so they can escape and return to their babies. Baby coyotes are being left to face the world on their own without mother’s. If the coyotes do not succumb to the elements, starvation/dehydration, blood loss, infections etc. while trapped, they are either shot in the head, beaten to death, or killed in another horrific way.Once the coyote is killed it is skinned and it’s body is discarded as carelessly as its life was taken. All of this for a simple decorative fur hood..is it really worth this animal’s life? There are countless cruelty free options that could be used to create these jackets yet this is what is being done.

If this horrible practice is not put to an end this beautiful animal’s population could become threatened. Please help me in my efforts to prevent this and end the cruelty by signing my petition which I will be presenting to the Canada Goose headquarters and Dani Reiss (CEO/president of Canada Goose)