Ask Canada Goose to go fur and down free

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Wild coyote dogs are trapped in steel leg hold traps for Canada Goose.  Illegal in over 80 countries and in the UK since 1971. Once caught many suffer broken teeth as they bite the traps and sometimes try to chew off their own limbs, especially if its a mother with babies. Her babies will also die of starvation or being eaten by other predators. They can be left for many days before the trapper returns to kill them, suffering blood loss, shock, dehydration, frost bite and attacks from othr predators. They  trappers will kill by strangling, stamping on them or bludgeoning Their main concern is to not damage the fur! Domestic and endangered animals also get caught in these traps. 

Canada Goose products also cause the suffering of millions of geese and ducks every year for the down inside the clothing.