Justice for Cocoa and Bella #cocoabella

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On the morning of April 26, 2018, two days before being moved to a new boarding facility, our two beautiful, innocent and much loved horses were robbed of the rest of their lives due to an inconceivable act.

Our horses were allegedly stolen and sold without owner consent and forged documents led to their unnecessary deaths. We will painfully never see them again. We don’t want to think about the fear, pain and suffering they must have endured. To make matters worse, this incident almost resulted in horses who were treated regularly with vaccines, Ivermectin and other medications to enter our food chain, which would have been a health concern for public at large as Bute is known to be carcinogenic to humans.

Although we cannot bring back the lives of these innocent beings - our beautiful Cinderella ‘Bella’ and Cocoa, we hope this tragedy will result in bringing about change. We hope our outrage, disbelief and sorrow will raise awareness and lead to more stringent Equine Slaughter Laws in Canada. We hope the Canada Food Inspection Agency implements protocols so falsified documents are identified and not approved, to prevent unlawful slaughters.

Animals are not soulless beings, they should be treated with humanity and respect.
Please sign today, share, and together we can only hope to bring about change. Something good can come from this awful, unimaginable tragedy.

Let’s join together and create change to make animals safer!
To all those who sign, we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

Some extra facts on horse slaughter here.