Help us bring new bike tracks to the Wakefield District

Help us bring new bike tracks to the Wakefield District

11 April 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chris Hall

After many conversations and meetings It is felt by some active members of the cycling community that the Wakefield district currently lags behind many of the surrounding areas when it comes to the provision of safe, high quality off road cycling facilities. 

By signing this petition you can help us turn our collective vision into a reality.

Going forward we would like Wakefield Council to actively engage with local communities and groups to develop an action plan with the aim of bring accessible cycle tracks and trails to the district. 

This petition has been brought together by   2 of the local volunteer led groups and has the support  of a number of individual members of the public who would like to gain support for these types of developments. 

New bike tracks in other areas have been proven to have many benefits, they have also provided a new focus for young people. Within many areas there is a lack of free to access sports facilities, and very little provision for the 11 - 16 age group.

The aim of this petition is to quantify the amount of support residents of Wakefield district have for this type of project. The more signatures we receive the stronger our case will become.

At the time of writing Wakefield has one small BMX track located In Crigglestone and tarmac cycle track located in Sandal. There are also two volunteer led projects developing cycle trails in Queens  Park (Castleford) and Fitzwillam Country Park. Both of these projects have been self sustaining and have produced positive results from their work.

What we are asking for:

Primarily we are seeking a plan of action that will see the phased development of a small number of pump tracks and a consultation on the development of a dedicated BMX race track within the Wakefield District. We would also like to put forward locations suitable for the future development of Mountain Bike Trails should suitable locations be found.

We feel that the development of local facilities is more important than ever. Not everyone has the option to travel out of the area to visit similar facilities, and rises in the cost of living will further impact this. 

Wakefield has a reasonable network of cycle routes and these could be used to enable people to travel to bike tracks and reduce reliance on cars.

There are many locations in the District that would be suitable for a pump track.  These could be placed as a standalone project or located next to existing facilities such as skateparks or Multi use games areas.

What is a pump track?

Essentially a pump track is an evolutionary development of the BMX tracks that first appeared in the 1980’s. A pump track is a number rollable features and banked corners that can be ridden in a continuous loop. Most modern tracks have a tarmac construction which is very low maintenance and can be ridden almost all year round. 

Pump tracks can be ridden by all ages and abilities and offer users the chance to push themselves and their abilities in a safe and predictable environment. Pump tracks have been proven to be beneficial for regular users in both physical and mentally. This can also translate into better performance in school and help develop the ability to focus on self development.

Why a BMX race track?

Wakefield is one of the few areas of the UK that doesn’t have a race standard BMX track. At the last Olympics the UK produced a number of medal winning BMX  riders, with investment Wakefield could one day produce world class riders. Wakefield already has a number of highly skilled riders competing in other areas, it would be great to build on this success in our own District.

What about Mountain Bike trails?

We have been actively working on concepts for MTB trails with Wakefield Council for several years. There are locations suitable for MTB trails however the ongoing maintenance costs of these trails has already been raised. This work will continue and hopefully we will see one of the plans become reality in the near future. 

Who is involved in the petition?

This petition has been brought together by  a collaborative effort by the Black Hills Project and the Pontefract Bike and Skate Hub. Both groups have been actively engaged in the conceptual planning of Bike tracks for a number of years and have a good relationship with Wakefield Council.

As well as the two constituted groups, Wakefield District has a number of individuals who have been in contact with the council to bring forward positive ideas and potential locations for facilities. We also have support from a number of individuals who are actively involved with cycling groups found on social media platforms. By working together  we hope to demonstrate the need for new facilities and also that support extends beyond our groups.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you can find time to sign the petition as show your support for all the work already done. 

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Signatures: 256Next Goal: 500
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