Can We Hope for Change in 2014?

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Can We Hope for Change in 2014?

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Olga Zabludoff started this petition to Lithuanian Ambassador to the United States Ambassador Zygimantas Pavilionis


“The UN Human Rights Committee Calls on Lithuania for More              Answers, More Action”

Geneva 11 July 2012

The United Nations Human Rights Committee finalized the examination of the 3rd periodic report of Lithuania, which took place on 10 and 11 July 2012 in Geneva.

“The Human Rights Committee expressed grave concern about past demonstrations led by neo-Nazis, who openly displayed swastikas. The State referenced the freedom of assembly, but was reminded by the Committee that freedoms of assembly and expression are not absolute rights – they must be managed by the State when they are in violation of human rights.”  

[Excerpt from the 11 July 2012 UN Human Rights Report, Geneva] full text:


2014: FOR THE SEVENTH TIME since 2008 a neo-Nazi march will parade through the heart of Vilnius on March 11, Independence Day, one of the most significant days for the proud people of Lithuania -- the nation which recently completed its tenure as President of the Council of the European Union. In its application for EU membership, Lithuania pledged to honour the EU mandate of human rights. Can the European Union tolerate this broken promise?

As a democratic EU/NATO state, Lithuania must permit freedom of expression. But which other European democracy allows its fascist minority to take over its capital city on its most sacred day of the year? Which other European democracy turns her head the other way when neo-Nazis morph into "patriots"?  If permitted by the government, their display will be taken by extremists throughout Europe as a stamp of growing approval of neo-Nazi activities and a signal that the murder of  95% of Lithuania's Jewry during the Holocaust is taken lightly by today's government. Is this a fitting position for the young EU democracy?

Help ban this blemish on a day dedicated to the celebration of the internationally acclaimed bravery of the March 11 1990 declaration of independence that was and continues to be a source of inspiration to all nations seeking freedom from oppression and foreign domination. Allow Lithuania a Day of Dignity. Please help combat racism and anti-Semitism with your signature.

[Photo: 2012 neo-Nazi march in Vilnius. "Lietuva Lietuviams!" = "Lithuania for Lithuanians!" Inset, upper left-hand corner: “Designer” swastika legal in Lithuania for public display] 



On Feb. 16, 2014, a neo-Nazi march is scheduled to work its way through the entire center of Kaunas on the first of the country's two independence days. Your signature on this petition this year includes BOTH neo-Nazi marches: Kaunas Feb. 16th and Vilnius March 11th, appealing to the Lithuanian government to ban these fascist demonstrations on Lithuania's days of independence. 

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This petition had 2,865 supporters

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