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Campbelltown Mall Car Park - SLIPPERY WHEN WET - Multiple Injuries reported..... no change

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Last year I slipped over in the rain at eight and a half months pregnant. The carpark I slipped over in is called Campbelltown Mall, and according to the X-ray technician i subsequently saw, I am only one of many people who have slipped over in this carpark. The problem is that they have used a gloss paint in carparks exposed to wet weather and the co-efficient of friction is reduced to near zero in the wet. People are reliant on their shoe tread 100% NOT to slip over. Enough people have been injured. It needs to be repainted with a non-slip paint. That's all it would take to remove this hazard from the community. I have contacted the local council, who say they can do nothing. The only way I can get legal help is if I want to sue. I don't want money, I want it fixed! The Mall has not responded to numerous requests to resolve this issue. It may not seem like a big deal compared to other global events I know, but for the people who fall over, we're lucky if we don't suffer miscarriages or break bones. People's health, safety and livelihoods are on the line. This hazard needs addressing. 

Charter Hall purchased Campbelltown Mall on October 31st 2016, ad although all injuries prior to this date are not due to their neglecting their 'duty of care' under the Workers Health & Safety Legislation and Regulation Acts (NSW) 2011; current and future injuries are. They have assured me in writing that the problem has been rectified in the past 6 days; however I would like to see where any work has been conducted. I have been at the mall each day and have seen no paint work being done. Currently it is raining almost constantly due to Cyclone Debbie up in Queensland.

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