Campaign for West Ham to offer physical Season Ticket Cards

Campaign for West Ham to offer physical Season Ticket Cards

1 August 2022
Signatures: 8,878Next Goal: 10,000
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Why this petition matters

Started by Andrew Byrne

Please sign this petition to show that West Ham supporters stand United, whether affected or not, on behalf of us ALL.

It seems West Ham are treating their loyal supporters with distain once again.

Sign this petition to lobby the Club and the Football Supporters Association into ensuing that those who want a physical stadium access card for their West Ham season ticket, can get one. At least one supporters group has approached the club, but as yet has not been able to get a satisfactory outcome. Taking a minute to sign this petition would help.

The club must provide a simple option for supporters to log in and request a physical card, just like at other premier league clubs.

Over 10% of the adult population do not own a smartphone. West Ham are isolating these supporters. They are causing them unnecessary anxiety and costing them time and money.

The only advice for those with issues over NFC ‘digital only’ season tickets, less than a week before our first game?

”Contact the club”

Supporters have all manner of queries and issues, yet are reporting that emails go unanswered and wait times to speak to the ticket office can be in excess of an hour.

Those who hang on and get through are being given different advice. Some are being asked to report to the ticket office before every game, others are being told they must print a ticket at home before every game. Yet they have bought a ‘season ticket’.

In April (before season ticket renewals opened) the club had committed to offering season cards to those without smartphones. That commitment appears to have been neglected.

Please sign and share on behalf of ALL West Ham supporters.

At a minimum, we must ensure the club stands by its word. Published on the club website on 6 April 2022 (two days before season ticket renewals opened):

“Those Season Ticket Holders who do not have access to a smartphone will be able to request a physical Stadium access card with their photograph on ahead of the 2022/23 season.”

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Signatures: 8,878Next Goal: 10,000
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