Campaign for a law to provide food, shelter, education & medical aid to street children.

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Mr. Narendra Modi,

The Hon'ble Prime Minister of India.


Dear Sir,

This is about the Street Children of India.

The great Nelson Mandela once said that "There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats it’s children."

India is one of most ancient civilizations of the world and in our culture selflessness and helping people in need, have always been considered to be pious acts.

However inspite of this, millions of young children are being forced to live a life of misery and neglect on the streets of our cities, without getting any help and support. Most of us see them everyday on the roads and streets that we use. We all know they are like us. But when we come across them, most of us simply choose to see through them or turn our face away. Most of us don’t even look at them or acknowledge their existence.

These street children, I feel are the most unfortunate of our race. At an age when others like them, born in better off families are being protected, cared and educated. They are condemned to live their childhood and grow up on streets. They don’t have access to proper food, shelter, education and medical aid. Their present is dark and the future is darker.

While other children, like us spend their days worrying about academic grades, movies, gadgets, sports and harry potter, they worry about only one thing, which is to survive. They are our people, having same fundamental rights to life and dignity as we do. But no one cares.

India is a great country and is on the way to being the greatest country in the world. We can make spacecraft, satellites, missiles, etc. but why is it that we don’t even want to look at these children and help them. India is the fastest growing economy in the world but what good is this prosperity, when thousands of these children live on road, hungry, neglected and abused. Better to have an India where all of us have little, than one where some have everything and others have nothing.

A google search about street children shows that most of these children are abused and end up becoming drug addicts and get into crime. Funny thing is that the Society, which so far ignores these children gets completely focused on them after they take the wrong path. We then blame them for being wrong and punish them by putting them in jail. We are willing to spend millions in future on police & jails to control them. But sadly we won’t spend these millions on them now, to prevent them from falling into these bad habits.

On a traffic light on my way to school there is a street child who is of my age. For years I have seen that child, every morning, knocking on car windows asking for money or sometimes selling pens. On happy occasions, we have also bought something from him or given him money. On other days, we have turned our face away. But I have seen him growing up with me. He has grown taller and older but he is still there on the same traffic light. No care, no shelter, no education. The only thing that has changed is that he looks sadder now. As a small child, he did not understand his condition. Now he does. It makes him sad. His sadness makes me sad too now, as now I somewhat understand his life, his pains too. It matters to me as I remember seeing him for last many years and recognize his face. He is not faceless for me.

Google tells me that many NGOs are working for street children. But still that boy and millions like him, continue to live on the street. Maybe, because individuals or NGOs can take care of some children and not all.

Only our Government, can help these children by making a law to take these street children off the street. It is a big task. Will cost a lot of money, Will take a lot of resources, But imagine an India where there are no street children, where all the children have been taken off the streets, given a safe home, where their food, medical aid and education is taken care of. How beautiful that India would be. The world will look with pride at our country. It will be a role model for the world.

It can surely be done.

Question is:- Whether it will be done?

Whether we as a people, as a society and our leaders are willing to notice the suffering of millions of such children and help them?

Sir, You are the Prime Minister of India.

You are one of the most powerful and charismatic leaders of the world.

I know you feel for the poor and the underprivileged.

Therefore I request you, Mr. Prime Minister Sir, to bring a law making it mandatory for the Union and State governments to provide shelter, food, medical help and education to each and every street child of India.

I dream of a day when no child will have to live on the street.

Sir, You have the power to fulfill this dream.

Please help the street children.

Mother India will be grateful.



Aditya Dubey,

For “Modernites: Save the Street Children Campaign”

Modern School. Barakhamba Road, New Delhi