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Create the Eckart Coral Reef Garden at Scripps Oceanography

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The Scripps mission is to seek, teach, and communicate scientific understanding of the oceans, atmosphere, Earth, and other planets for the benefit of society and the environment; however a person walking through campus today would find virtually no information about current research or knowledge in the fields of Scripps' expertise. Several graduate students in the Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation have developed plans to improve the campus science communication by creating a coral reef themed garden. The plan is sitting on the desks of the decision makers and key facilities management personnel who have voiced enthusiastic support and available funding. The goal of this petition is to provide evidence of support for the project in the SIO community and local public.

The Eckart Coral Reef garden will provide an educational focal point at the center of the Scripps campus along the newly renovated "Scripps Coastal Meander" trail which passes by the Eckart building and CUPS coffee stand. The garden will use drought tolerant, native succulents, and cacti to mimic a tropical coral reef.

Corals are animals and plants are, well, plants. Signage at the garden will pair the plant with it's look alike in the coral reef -- emulating unique characteristics and roles in the ecological community -- comparing and contrasting terrestrial and marine environments in one place!!

Benefits to the SIO community:

  • expands on mission to communicate science
  • creates new point of interest at the center of campus

Benefits to coral reef research labs at SIO :

  • extends public outreach for coral reef research and conservation

Benefits to the public :

  • builds awareness and knowledge of coral reef conservation and science
  • educates public on drought tolerant and native species to create water-wise landscaping 

Check a video Nina Rosen made of an Undersea Garden at the Carlsbad Botanical Gardens during our planning trip: Eckart Coral Reef Garden Vision

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