Justice for Brooke Firth!

Justice for Brooke Firth!

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Message from Brooke's Grandma

The Death of Brooke Casey Firth 12th October 2017 (age 16)

It is with tears streaming from my heart that I write this report, so that you can decide if Brooke should still be here, as she wanted.

Brooke was a normal young girl who felt as though she had the world on her shoulders and wanted help to sort out her feelings of not coping at the time of her period. She had been under the child mental health system since she was ten. CAHMS.

Brooke came home as normal on October 10th, a bit down because of her period. Around 6 in the evening she started to cry, so she and I sat in my bed, until she was laughing and joking and said that she was OK to go back to her room.
A few minutes later I heard her crying again. When I went in she was holding ann empty foil packet of pills. I said "Tootie" what have you done, I took her back to my bed and we worked out that as she had only taken "Ibuprofen" and considering her weight we decided that she would be alright but could stay in my bed for the night. She said Grandma I want to go to hospital so we went straight away to Pontefract A&E.where she was admitted as a potential suicide. Later they said that she would have to go to Pinderfields, Wakefield, to stay overnight and be assessed. I drove her to the children's ward and stayed overnight with her.

During the night Brooke said "Grandma I want to be in hospital so that I can be safe" I said " Don't you feel safe at home with me. " She held her arms out saying " I can hardly hurt myself here" I told her to make sure that she told the doctor that.

When he finally came around 4 pm the following day, he had a word with Brooke on her own first and the I went in to join them.
The first thing i said was "Has she told you that she wants to stay in hospital, a place of safety, so that she could not hurt herself"
After talking for around 40 mins he said that she was OK to go home and that she had to come back on Friday,( 2 days later)with her Mum. I was so shocked and said "What about her being kept safe" and he just said that he knew about these things. So we were sent home with no follow up letter to see her GP, so she was still officially under the care of CAMHS. Do you think CAMHS failed in their Duty of Care to Brooke? That’s when Brooke lost all will and said she felt worthless. 

Brooke went to school the next day (12th Oct) came home around four and then shouted from another room that she was just going out for a bike ride.

We never saw her again, alive, she went to the woods and hung herself.

She wanted to be kept safe.
Do you think that the system failed her?
She wanted to be here.

Rosemarie (Firth)

For three long years I have tried to get her justice even writing to Parliament, but no one will take the system on, which is why we are writing now, I can't go on fighting.

Sorry Brooke we love you.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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