Supporting Spouses with Differing Health Needs in Eldercare.

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My parents are 95 and 92.  For the first time in their 70 years of marriage they are forced to live in separate dwellings due to Manitoba’s inflexible personal care guidelines.

My mother’s worsening health qualifies her for a 24 hr personal care home. My father, a war vet, was evaluated for that personal care home, but according to the provincial guidelines was not "eligible" for admission. Consequently, my parents must live apart.

The Manitoba guidelines for personal care homes makes no exceptions for married couples. If only one spouse "qualifies" and the other does not, they are forced to live apart. For my parents, like many senior couples, this is an extremely painful, stressful and heart-breaking situation.  The regional health authorities say their hands are tied by these guidelines.  But they should have the ability meet the needs of senior married couples.

Both my parents desperately want to be together in the twilight of their lives.  These heartless and cruel bureaucratic guidelines are preventing them from being together.  This has resulted in emotional, spiritual, and physical hardships for them and our family.

The issue is not financial.  We are willing to pay for my father’s bed, his meals, and he will not make use the care services in the personal care home. We just want our parents to spend what could be their last days together.

Nothing will change unless there is the political will: 

Please sign this petition to support our request to have Manitoba Health administrators, and government leaders, immediately revise the current personal care guidelines to allow cohabitation for senior spouses with differing health needs in the level of care required.

Please circulate in your social media networks and use hashtag #seniorsrightsmatter when discussing this topic.

Keep petition going...article in Brandon Sun published Thursday Oct. 4. National media may run story next couple of weeks.

Thank you.