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Uphold their decision to ban the Niqab (full face veil)

We are supporting Camden School For Girls decision to ban the Niqab.

Cohesion is one of the most important elements you can foster in a socity, it helps to break down divisions in which racism and other hatred can exist.  We all want to be one society, where regardless of the colour of your skin, your religion or where you or your parents came from, we can all get along as much as possible.

The Niqab causes a division in a way unlike any other form of religious dress. It holds it's wearers apart from society in a way that makes simple communication with them difficult. If you can't see the very facial expressions of someone, then how can you hope to be able to relate to them in an environment where you can see everyone elses face?

Imagine if the school did allow girls to wear the Niqab, and let's say that 10 girls then took this decision.  Just like any other social group in a school that expresses themselves through dress they would become seperate, however unlike any other group they would be placing a distinct barrier between themselves and the rest of the school community.  Can you really see a situation arise where they would just hang around with the other girls, or do you think they would quickly become a seperate group apart from all of the other students?

It's not hard to see in this situation, and how it would decrease contact between Muslims and non-Muslims.  It would help to set the Muslim students apart from the non-Muslims, which would just create fertile ground for racism.  We need to help people from different cultures interact and understand each other, not throw up artifical barriers to prevent this.

This is a school, it is supposed to be about building co-operation and learning, however the Niqab stands to degrade both of these. This is a very narrow interpretation of Islam, and preventing someone from covering their face inside a school is not preventing someone from practicing their religion, it is only preventing someone from adhering to personal standards they have set themselves.

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