Tenants Rights Matter

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I’ve taken this stand on behalf of tenants everywhere and am asking you all to stand with me. Tenants rights matter and letting landlords get away with operating in an unethical and illegal manner spells certain disenfranchisement for tenants everywhere.
Landlords need to know that all tenants will not sit by and have their lives trampled on starting with Camden Property Trust who owns multiple properties in Arizona, California, Colorado, DC, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

I thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this and having the courage to get involved.

Light & Love,


This is the building where I live since February 2016 and operate my businesses since June 2017

The anxiety, fear and stress living under the threat of this happening to myself or another neighbor is heavy and overwhelming but I press on praying for protection every day until I can land in a safe place that meets my needs

What I know for sure:
1. Management at Camden Glendale was first notified of the fire and life system safety violations from the Glendale Fire Department March 2017 
2. Between March 2017 and October 2017 there were three additional notices of violation issued and sprinklers discharged with ear piercing alarms each time over 30 times displacing families left to cover most of their own costs due to the cause being a structural hazard therefore a landlord liability issue and the landlord’s agent telling the effected tenants to deal with their renters insurance
3. Camden Glendale local and corporate management first disclosed the issue to the entire community October 28, 2017 after residents demanded answers and refused to be left in the dark on the cause of the discharges and frequent alarms
4. In November 2017 Camden Glendale began the repairs to the sprinkler system causing tenants to vacate the property for a full day on 72 hours notice with modest compensation, caused interruptions to lives and businesses, damage to units, a substantial decrease in habitability of the building including sewage smells, visible water damage, and construction work.
5. In November of 2017 the building offered to let some tenants and eventually all tenants who moved in prior to 10/28/17 out of their leases without penalty, a refund of your security deposit minus fees and a $500 stipend to move that will be sent to you within 21 days AFTER move out. To date all who took that offer have yet to receive their checks. It is February 2018 and the repairs are ongoing with alarms and hot water interruptions included.
6. Camden Property Trust the owner of Camden Glendale is in violation of the implied warranty of habilitability requirements under California law, has offered no universal rent concessions to effected tenants, upheld their policy of not accepting partial rental payments in an effort to circumvent tenants asserting their rights to withhold or repair and deduct rent under the law and filed evictions on those of us who refuse to be bullied, cheated and forced to honor a lease agreement they have failed to honor the second they put every tenant in the building at risk by ignoring the fire department violations and habitability requirements
7. They continue to put tenants at risk by adding an intimidating and illegal addendum to new leases that mentions the sprinkler issue in zero detail with a clause about not bringing legal action against them. Moving tenants in without disclosing the issue. Not extending the lease termination offer to anyone who moved in after 10/28/17

How you can help

As a concerned citizen for your fellow human or yourself make your voice heard about their handling of this situation and file complaints on sites that matter YELP and the Better Business Bureau.
I want to warn as many people as possible in hopes they make a better choice for their next home. Below are templates for both complaint sites


Template - do feel free to add whatever you like and send to everyone in your email address book who’d care enough to make their own complaints and sign the change.org petition

Select 1 star and input the following:

I am appalled and disgusted at your treatment of your tenants at Camden Glendale, CA. , will never rent from another Camden property and make sure no one I know does either. You can not do the following things to people and expect prosperity in business

1. violate habitability requirements under California law by putting your tenants in a building with a structural hazard
2. charge them rent on uninhabitable units
3. fail to assume full financial responsibility for their losses
4. fail to disclose the scope of the fire and life safety system issue to tenants for 8+ months and new tenants moving in as recent as December 2017
5. Fail to begin the repairs within 30 days of official notification as required by law
6. interrupt their lives, businesses and peace of mind offering some of them an insufficient lease termination agreement that promises a no penalty lease termination, deposit refund and $500 moving stipend 21 days AFTER move out that has not been honored to every tenant who moved out
7. restrict tenants moving in after 10/28/17 from the lease termination offer even though you did not disclose the issue at move in and the repairs are ongoing in February 2018 and Camden Glendale still does not meet minimum fire and life safety standards
8. cause damage to units with the repairs, demand full rent and file evictions on tenants who refuse to be bullied and assert their right to withhold or repair and deduct rent as legal remedies
9. Fail to do good business and live up to the living excellence you promote and contractually agreed to
10. Hurt and Upset a lot of people and we’re here to let you know this is legally and morally WRONG we will STAND AGAINST THIS for as long as it takes and every community in your brand and business that is affiliated with them will be made aware of your unethical and illegal practices until you bring Camden Glendale in compliance with habitability requirements and make everyone effected whole!!!!!

Better Business Bureau


NOTE: Select 1) Yes Business is in United States or Canada 2) business's privacy policy or practices 3) Enter Business Name Camden Properties Trust and select Enter Business Information at the bottom of the page under Can't find the right location 4) Camden Property Trust 11 Greenway Plaza Suite 2400 Houston, TX. 77046 Ph: 7133542500 glendale@camdenliving.com www.camdenliving.com 5) Select Continue with this business 6) Enter all requested information and input 3/16/17 as purchase/incident date

COMPLAINT TEMPLATE - feel free to add whatever additional thoughts you have
This company has violated California landlord/tenant laws and its leasing agreement by placing tenants in Glendale, CA at Camden Glendale in a building with a structural hazard-- it’s fire sprinkler system (see attached Notice of Violations) and failing to correct the violations immediately upon notice and disclose the issue as soon as known to tenants. The issue has resulted in the flooding and displacement of 30 plus families, renders our renters insurance useless in this scenario, caused damage to some of our units and property and moving cost losses to unfortunate tenants.

They have dismissed or delayed requests for mold testing, insisted on full rent, tried to evict tenants who asserted their rights to rent withholding or repair and deduct under the law and offered yet failed to honor a less than compensatory solution in letting some tenants out of their leases without penalty, including refunding their security deposit less exhorbitant cleaning and other fees plus an additional $500 moving stipend to be paid within 21 days AFTER move out while restricting tenants moving in after 10/28/17 from the lease termination offer even though the building still does not meet fire and life safety standards and has been in a state of ongoing repairs since November 2017.

Please see tenant reviews on Camden Glendale yelp https://www.yelp.com/biz/camden-glendale-glendale

What we want them to do - there is a section for this after the complaint information is entered
DO good business. Finish the repairs they started in November of 2017 after being served with four Notices of Violation from the city of Glendale Fire Department on 3/16/17, 5/8/17, 6/1/17, 10/25/17 and provide proof to tenants official documentation that all systems (sprinkler, standpipe and alarm) have passed the annual test REQUIRED by the fire department to meet minimum fire and life safety standards. Make the impacted tenants whole and operate their business ethically and within the law.

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