TEN billion, ONE planet?

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Dear fellow humans,

Overpopulation has become the fundamental problem on Earth today. We, humans, have become a disease. For that reason, we should make a change. There are multiple solutions that will help decrease overpopulation such as:

1. Better education (Knowledge of sex education)

  •  Abstinence
  • Rhythm method
  • Birth control

2. Making people aware of family planning.

3. Development programs

4. Laws limiting the number of children people can have (ex. China's One-Child Policy)

You might ask yourself if there are various solutions to stop this crisis, why does the number of existing human population still exceeding the carrying capacity of Earth?

Overpopulation continuous to occur (and it will keep happening) because of many reasons:

  • Reduced mortality rate
  • Better medical facilities
  • Depletion of precious resources
  • Technological advancement infertility treatment
  • Immigration
  • Lack of family planning

Many individuals do not care about this conflict, but the truth is that althought this problem might not apply to you, it will make a huge impact in the future. In other words, BABIES and KIDS present now will be affected in the future by:

  • Poverty WHICH LEADS TO hunger, crime, homeless, illness, and unemployment in society.
  • Demand for resources SUCH AS food and water.


Thank you and I hope that we can all together make a change in the world!!



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