Camden Council Ban Street Trade In Fur

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Due to public outrage the fur industry became almost obsolete in the early 2000’s. However, over the last decade this evil trade has managed to resurrect itself.

Every year it's estimated over one billion animals are viciously slaughtered in the fur trade. Victims including rabbits, raccoons, foxes, mink, dogs and cats live out a tortured existence in tiny barren cages, where they suffer from insanity, self-mutilation, and if kept in shared cages often resort to cannibalism. They will then often be anally or vaginally electrocuted or skinned alive in order that their pelts be used for fashion accessories.

Due to recent campaigns by animal rights groups the British Fashion Council have said they are 'deeply concerned' by this horrendous trade and countless Designer fashion brands have vowed to drop real fur from their collections.

However, we’re now finding that the industry are looking for other avenues through which to profit from horrendous animal abuse. Fur was once marketed as a ‘luxury item’, but in the last couple of years we’ve seen copious fur skins being sold cheaply in London markets.

We’re seeing countless real fur trims on coats, as pom-poms on hats and even as key rings. In Camden markets, traders have been seen selling large amounts of real fur. Traders have been quoted as saying they care nothing for the animals so viciously abused by the industry.

Islington Licensing Regulatory Committee recently made the only ethical choice to ban the street trade in fur throughout the whole borough. Islington has set a compassionate precedent for the whole of London. We must now follow the example of city's like San Fransisco and L.A in their total ban of fur sale.

We commend Camden Lock and Spitalfields market for their no fur policy. But this isn't nearly enough.

It is within Camden Council's power to implement a ban on street trade fur. We are pleading with you to follow Islington's lead.

By taking an ethical stance the fur trade will become obsolete again. We cannot allow the torture and murder of innocent animals to be traded on!