Let Snowflake the Pig Stay in her Home

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Snowflake the potbelly pig has lived alongside her owner in her Cambridge apartment for 2 years. During this time, Snowflake has gained much adoration by family and friends, as well as many neighbours. 

Unfortunately, on May 2nd of 2018, when her owner came home from work during her lunch break to check on her beloved pet, she was met by animal control who informed her that a neighbour had reported that a pig was being kept within the city and that it is against the city of Cambridge bylaw. No other reason was given as to why the report was filed.

Currently, Cambridge By-law No. 171-13 prohibits "exotic pets", which is defined as all animals listed in schedule A. This includes animals of the orders Artiodactyla (including pigs). The orders of many common pets such as cats, dogs and rabbits are also listed on Schedule A, however, they have been defined as an exception to the classification.

Just like any pet owner, Snowflake's owner and her daughter are absolutely devastated by this news and are fighting to keep Snowflake in their loving home. Snowflake is well-cared. She has been vaccinated, receives regular vet visits and is frequently bathed. She is given plenty of clean water and a wide array of vegetables in addition to her pig feed every day. Her diet is closely monitored and discussed with her vet to ensure she maintains good health. She is house trained and her box is cleaned multiple times per day to prevent any foul odours. She is often quiet, with the exception of her oinking, which is no louder than someone speaking. The only time she gets a bit loud is when she doesn't get her way and squeals, but this only happens on occasion since she is very spoiled.  

Snowflake, who her owner has had since she was a piglet, has become accustomed to this family as it is the only one she has ever known. Her family spoils her with belly rubs and snuggles each day. When the weather is nice, she enjoys to go for a leisurely stroll with her owner (on a leash). She also likes to have a pile of blankets on top of her bed at all times so that she can crawl under them for her afternoon naps.To give her away would not only be hard on her family, but on Snowflake herself.

There are many shelters who will take in pigs. However, many people who get pigs as pets don't realize how much of a commitment it is, which has left many shelters overcrowded with abandoned pigs. Snowflakes family doesn't wish to rehome her there as it will cause Snowflake a great deal of stress that will negatively impact her health. Snowflake shouldn't have to end up in a crowded shelter when she has a loving, caring home where she is well taken care of and poses no threat to others.

This petition is to support Snowflake's owner in having Snowflake exempt from the section of this law that classifies her as an "exotic pet" as she is no more disruptive or of no more harm than the average cat or dog. She is a valued member of the family who is well cared for and should be able to continue on that way.